​​​​​​Snow White Laundromat

1120 Roosevelt Ave

York Pa 17402

(717) 848-3450

(Between Goodwill & Runkle's Tags)



How It Works

Your everyday wash and fold laundry will be done by Snow White Laundromat. When you arrive your laundry will be weighed. Starting price is $1.25lb which includes laundry detergent, softener or dryer sheet, and folding of your items.

Turnaround time on Snow White Laundromat's Wash, Dry & Fold laundry service is usually 24 hours or less.

Snow White Laundromat's Wash, Dry & Fold  Service is just like having a personal butler/maid; WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. YOUR CLOTHES ARE NEVER MIXED WITH OTHERS CUSTOMER ITEMS!!! Our commercial washers and gas dryers are cleaned and sanitized at a minimum, twice daily.

Drop off your laundry to us.

Sort…The service attendant will identify the washing requirements for each item of clothing and separate them by color, temperature, based on manufactures label and/or garment fabric type.

Wash…Our attendants wash every load with a high-quality detergent.

Optional and at No additional charge Bleach and Fabric Softener are available.

Optional and at $0.25/load additional unscented-no dye/perfume detergent and/or non-bleach stain remover (Oxy-clean) is available.

Dry…Our attendants will then sort your clothes again by recommended drying temperature or instructions.

Fold…Lastly… your clothes are neatly folded, socks are matched and the clothes are bagged or hung for pick-up.

Garment Care, Missing or Damaged Goods:

Snow White Laundromat accepts your bulk laundry "as is" and you agree to accept it from Snow White Laundromat" as is." We cannot be responsible for damage to clothes resulting from normal wear and tear, severe soiling that requires special treatment, or “lost socks” and similar mismatches. Snow White Laundromat is not responsible for loss of or damage to any personal or non-cleanable items left in the clothing or bags such as money, jewelry, or anything else. Snow White Laundromat reserves the right to refuse cleaning any garment. Snow White Laundromat does not guarantee removal of all stains. We are a customer focused small business and will address any service issues promptly and professionally.

"Customers must notify Snow White Laundromat within 5 business days of receipt of completed laundry order(s) for service related issues. Failure to do so constitutes waiver of a claim for any losses, damaged, or poor quality service resolution."